Che Guevara Marshall is a modern day gentleman. A man of high standards with a mind that continues to seek imaginative paths that bridge the worlds of art and science. Che's approach towards his craft exemplifies his versatility in navigating creative realms.   The life of Che is one of humanism which is ultimately expressed through life's rhythm.

By the age of five, Che’s insatiable attraction to the drum set grounded him as he moved to different cities throughout his childhood beginning the story in Chicago. Like many young artists of his generation, Che’s exploration began under the tutelage of his parent's old records where the roots of his vivacious talent were formed.


            Che’s performing career was launched in his father’s church where he played drums weekly. He continued to pursue his art at the Pittsburg High School of Creative and Performing Arts under the guidance of Roger Humphries.  While still a high school student, Che relocated to Birmingham, where his newfound love of jazz was cultivated and nurtured. As a member of the highly acclaimed Birmingham Youth Jazz Ensemble, Che traveled the world and expanded his musical pallet at a young age.


            Upon his high school graduation, Che left to study in Atlanta where he became a part of the renowned percussion line featured in the hit film, Drumline.  He continued his studies at Georgia State University where his craft and energetic creativity was further refined through the mentoring of Kenah Boto. 


            Che’s artistic ability and personal style is exemplified by his versatility and dynamic range of musicality. Che has performed around the world at major music venues in Japan, China, South America, Europe, Africa, and Israel among others.  His progressive talent has earned him the opportunity to perform, record and tour with an eclectic list of prominent artists from Doug E. Fresh to years with icon Roberta Flack. 


            As a seasoned musician, currently based in Atlanta, Che is sought after to perform in a variety of musical settings from Jazz to Hip-hop to Rock.  His exposure to the various genres and aspects of the music industry and his desire to create music that synthesizes and transforms the many influences from which his generation has emerged, has solidified his accomplished career, with continued promises of longevity and a legendary contribution to the art form of music.  

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